About Me

I produce integrated campaigns and components including identity, web, print, PR, and interactive event environments. My ability to solve complex communication challenges guided by analysis and strategic insight has earned me engagements with leading brands, government agencies, grassroots campaigns and policy initiatives. My work has received global and A1 news media and led to lecture opportunities in professional and academic venues. 
A strategy and policy recommendation for community-driven place-making on the waterfront, from the 2016 Deep Dives lecture series hosted by Waterfront Alliance at Cornell University.​​​​​​​
Career Highlights
Directed the national brand strategy to reclaim Governors Island. An effort that was recognized by the White House, won PR Week's Nonprofit Campaign of the Year, and helped bring about a historic boon in NYC's public space. 

Served as Brand Strategist for NYC Marketing under Mayor Bloomberg;
Produced The Waterfront Action Agenda for Waterfront Alliance, a policy document that influenced NYC’s Vision 20/20 Waterfront Plan and DEC’s Hudson River Estuary agenda; 

Produced the Climate Change Report for New York City Department of Environmental Protection.  The report went to congress and helped launch the Mayor's Office of Sustainability;  

Co-authored a grant for $150,000 from Empire State Development to produce Hudson Rising in partnership with I Love NY, a summer long sustainability celebration and river tour; 

Founding member and former chair of Conservancy North, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping ensure the public spaces of Northern Manhattan are guided by the needs and aspirations of the community, and planned comprehensively to improve quality of place; 

Founder and former president of New York Outrigger, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit canoe club in the Hudson River Park;

Founder and former Executive Director of the Liberty World Challenge, today the largest established competition in New York Harbor.  
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